Tournaments and events

BTUK St Albans 9-9-18 cc - Copy

BTUK Beach Tennis Tour 2021

Beach Tennis UK offer a programme of competitive opportunities, known as the BTUK Beach Tennis Tour.  Some of the events are ITF graded events meaning ITF world ranking points are up for grabs, the remainder offer BTUK ranking points.

These are the dates so far
Monday Bank Holiday 31 May
Regional Tournament

Date & Venue to be confirmed

Saturday 24 & Sunday 25 July
National Tournament (in conjunction with Wight Wave Beach Sports Festival)
Appley Beach – Isle of Wight

More dates to follow as further Covid-19 restrictions are lifted

ITF  BT10 – Postponed to later in the year, dates to be confirmed

Go to the BTUK Beach Tennis Tour page to see what else is coming up and enter.



Throughout the year our Places To Play offer regular opportunities to play competitively with other members and visiting guests.  The format of these tournaments varies. To find out what’s happening at any of our venues, please go to the Places to Play page.

Players who have subscribed to one of our Places to Play can play at any of our venues free of charge.

ITF Beach Tennis Tour Events

The International Tennis Federation (ITF) Beach Tennis Tour is an international doubles competition. Successful performances on the Tour allow players to acquire ranking points which will help them improve their ranking position on the ITF Beach Tennis World Rankings.

In some instances prize money is available for the eventual winners.